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We get many customer who confuse us with competitors. Frances (my mother) and I (Kelsey) work in the office selling the barns, Terry Sr. (my father) and Terry Jr. (my brother) work in the back cutting out the barns. Then of course there are the builders who we are truly blessed to work with and have been with us for over 15 years.

I’m writing this because it’s upsetting when Terry and Frances have worked hard for their good reputation.

Dealers come into town with a name that is similar to ours or Photoshop advertisements with the same make, model, year and color trucks we use or use part of our name in their advertisements, and in some instances saying they are affiliated with us.

We have been a family owned local business for over 30 years. These dealers you see have been selling in the community for less than 10 years and you’ll notice dealers pack up and move to another city, or quit selling one brand and start selling another brand.

We offer competitive pricing that cannot be beat when comparing apples to apples. We are the only barn manufacturer in the Tri-State area .Terry has many custom features he created for a Better Built Barn you will not see anywhere else. Our sheds are custom built to your needs on your property year round.

To not get us confused with competitors remember us as:

We specialize in barns only. We are the manufacturer of Better Built Barns and are not affiliated with any other barns. Better Built Barns are built on your site, not pre-built. We do not charge extra to build on your property. We are not a “middle man” selling someone else’s barn. We are a locally owned and operated barn business so if you should need us good Lord willing we’ll be there. We have an office you can step into and our shop is in the back behind the office so you know where your barn is coming from. We do not sell a barn out of a barn or a barn off an empty parking lot with displays and a phone number.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

We have an engineer’s stamp on our barns!

The ONLY location you can buy our Better Built Barn is at 4415 East Morgan Avenue Evansville, IN. ( We are across from Show Place Cinemas East). We are not affiliated with Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, or any other barn business.

We are The Tri-State’s #1 Back Yard Builders!

We have lots of imitators, but they aren’t better built! “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a good deal.” – Benjamin Franklin. You’ll be surprised how affordable a Better Built Barn is! We aren’t just better built, we are also less expensive! We are the Tri-State’s only manufacturer, and the only ones in the Tri-State that are licensed and insured to be building a barn on your property! Call for pricing at 812-477-2001, or stop in our office to see our displays and not just photos!

Terry came up with the idea of parking a vehicle on our 10×12 floor to show its strength! All our floor joists are 12” on center and with our 12′ wide barns we jump up to 2×6’s on the floor joists! Our bigger floors can hold even bigger vehicles (trucks/tractors)! Many of our customers in the past 30 years have used their Better Built Barn to store their vehicles! When finished this will be a 10x12x9 Barn House display.

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