We have 2 finance options both locally in Evansville:

– Mariner Finance (previously Personal Finance).

Through Mariner Finance we have 90 days same as cash (always available). We also have 6 months with a service fee of 1.00% and 12 months with a service fee of 2.99%. The 6 and 12 months financing rates are good until May 29th 2021. With this promotion all three options have a 3 month deferred payment option. For example, the 12 months you do not have to make a payment for the first 3 months, after those 3 months you will then start making your payments for the remainder 9 months of the financing. The financing must be paid off within that 9 month period (if you defer payments for three months) otherwise the interest will be regular interest rates. There will be different special rates between May 29th- June 5th 2021. After June 5th 2021 if no promotion is offered it will go back to our regular rates that are 6 months with a service fee of 2.49% and 12 months with a service fee of 5.99%. We also have financing at 36 months and 48 months as well.

– OneMain (previously Spring Leaf)

Through OneMain we have several finance options available and this option has high interest rates equivalent to rent-to-own.

– Be cautious of “Rental” barns. The loan contract is month to month. Meaning if you miss one payment they pick up the barn and take it. Read the fine print before you sign the contract. We do not offer this finance option.

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