Terry Turpin & Frances (Flake) Turpin. , family owned and operators of Better Built Barns

Terry was born and raised in Evansville and grew up on the west side of town. Frances was also born and raised in Evansville and grew up on the east side of town. They’ve been married since 1981 and have two children, which both now work at the business. From as far back as doing projects in grade school, to helping his father remodel homes, Terry has always loved woodworking. He has over 28 years of barn building experience. They started Better Built Barns in 1997. Terry wanted to avoid building a typical barn. He has always had the drive to be different and better. He wanted to improve areas on the barns that he noticed over the years that would make a difference in quality, so he created his own features such as adding 2×4 door support with cut-out door handles and the 2×6 door centers. He also created the support blocks under the roof flares. He also uses metal gussets on the rafters instead of scrap wood. All of these plus other extras, created Better Built Barns. We truly care about what we can provide for our customers.

Thanks to Frances’ mother for coming up with their business name. Better Built Barns… that’s another story!

“Whatever gift each of you may have received, use it in service to one another, like good stewards dispensing the grace of God in its varied forms.”

(1 Peter 4:10)
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