Terry’s Custom Features

Terry has his own custom features he created when he started Better Built Barns!

What Terry Created:

  • He has added 2×6’s to the door centers from the kick plate to center of doors and to the top.
  • 2×4 door support for added strength to each door where they meet and close with his own custom cutout handles. All crafted into one continuous piece.
  • Support blocks added to the exterior side wall under the roof flare to keep the 2×6’s in place.

What Makes us Better Built/ What we do Different:

  • We use metal gussets on both sides of rafters for extra strength hold. The rafters are constructed within a jig on a solid foundation.
  • 2×4 floor plates on all 4 walls.
  • LP Trim 5/50 Year Warranty on 4 corners of the barn. Treated for termites and rot decay. Pre-primed.
  • The doors and rafters are built inside the plant, by Terry, only therefore they are always consistent. Everything is cut out in the plant on commercial saws, using tables, patterns, and jigs to obtain better, exact cuts.
  • Built on your lot by experienced, independent contractors, or you can build the kit yourself.
  • The quote includes the builder’s pay being built on your lot.
  • The installer’s certificate of insurance is included in customers folder.
  • We measure our barns from inside, wall to wall.
  • 4×4 runners pressure treated
  • Floor joists are 12’’ on center for solid support. We literally have customer park cars in their barns!
  • 6’ continuous hinges: aluminum heavy duty door hinges for full support of the door.
  • Pair of 8×16 vents, barrel bolt, hasps, and hooks and eyes installed.
  • 5/8 floor thickness
  • Many sizes to choose from. Over 100 different sizes.
  • L.P. Panel: primed by manufacturer and ready for paint. M.F.G. 5/50- year limited warranty, treated for termites and rot decay, 5-year total replacement, grade A siding. Look for APA stamp on inside walls.
  • Shingles: offering 25 year M.F.G. warranty. Many colors to choose from. G.A.F. Anti-Algae.
  • We nail each end of each shingle on a roofing fold to prevent curling
  • Locally owned and family operated.
  • Barns built better since 1989.
  • Available year-round.
  • Painting & caulking quality extends the life of the barn.
  • A detailed 2 page instruction sheet is included with customers invoice.
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