Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we are the Tri-State’s only manufacturer! Everywhere else is a dealer selling someone else’s barn. They sell barns out of a barn, leave pamphlets in displays on an empty parking lot, or displays in a parking lot on a corner with a phone number.

Stop by our office, no appointments are necessary!

Do you have financing?

We have 2 options both locally in Evansville:

-Mariner Finance (previously Personal Finance. We have 90 days same as cash (always available). We also have 6 months with a service fee of 1.49% and 12 months with a service fee of 3.99%. The 6 and 12 months financing rates are good until the end of August 2020. After August 2020 if no promotion is offered it will go back to our regular rates that are 6 months with a service fee of 2.49% and 12 months with a service fee of 5.99%. We also have financing at 36 months and 48 months as well.

– OneMain (previously Spring Leaf) We have several finance options available and this option has high interest rates equivalent to rent-to-own.

– Be cautious of “Rental” barns. The loan contract is month to month. Meaning if you miss one payment they pick up the barn and take it. Read the fine print before you sign the contract. We do not offer this finance option.

Are the contractors licensed and insured?

Yes. We also supply you with the builders Certificate of Liability Insurance. Never take anyone’s word! They are deceiving! Someone can go into an insurance company and put down $100 and walk out with a certificate that is dated for a full year! If they do not make their quarterly premium then the insurance is no longer valid. It is always in the customer best interest to ask for the Certificate of Liability Insurance, and the key is to personally call the insurance company to confirm the insurance is still valid. People lie about it or have it dated for a full year and do not pay their quarterly premiums! We know the contractors that build our barns are insured but you should never trust anyone on it! It is business no one should ever be offended when you ask for a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance! It’s required by law to carry.

The purpose of the insurance is to protect the home owner. Friends, family and neighbors should be covered if they get hurt, or cause any damage on your property. When you hire someone though it is a whole different ball game! Independent contractors are required by law to carry Certificates of Liability Insurance. Even if you have an umbrella on your insurance policy, it will not cover an independent contractor on your property! The insurance protects the home owner if the contractor gets hurt, or causes any damage on your property. The contractor then is liable for the the damage or injury and cannot sue the home owner.

How long have the contractors been there?

The majority of the independent contractors have been building through here since 1998.

How long have you been in business?

We have been at our current location for 20 years, and have been building better built barns since 1989! The good Lord has blessed us!

Do you build on site or haul?

The barns are built on site, if you are needing one hauled we do have a company we recommend.

Do you do the leveling/ site preparation?

Yes, it is just a matter of who supplies the blocks. The builders always make sure the floor is level before they begin building. Blocks go down first, the builders level up from the blocks with wood treated shims or more blocks (which is customers choice). The 4×4 treated runners are then placed on top of the leveling material. The frame of the floor and floor joists are then laid down. Finally the builders square the floor from corner to corner. If you have any questions about digging please ask!

What options do I have a choice of?

Windows to choose from, all of which open.

Lofts that are 4′ deep, and half lofts that are 2′ deep (more easily accessible). Installed at height customer requests.

Workbenches that are 2′ deep. (can also be used as a connector for lofts up above to create a wrap around loft). Installed at height customer requests.

Shelves 1′ deep.  Installed at height customer requests.

9 lite steel doors, single wooden doors, and french doors.

Ridge vents.

Footers set in concrete (if there is a hill or slope).

Ramps, lattice work, and painting.

What material do you use?

L.P. Siding 5/50 year Warranty (homes are built out of this material).

Shingles are the 3-tab GAF 25 year anti-algae, dimensional are available.

Do you do metal roofs?

No, we use shingles only. We had a customer who bought a big barn costing over $3,000. He had a company install a true seamless metal roof and it cost more than the barn its self. The metal roofs you see as displays are not true seamless metal roofs. They have screws and rubber grommets which can eventually over time dry rot, then causing the roof to leak.

Do you do vinyl?

The builders do vinyl upon request.

Do you cut everything out in the customer’s back yard?

No, the doors and rafters are built inside the plant, by Terry only, therefore they are always consistent. Everything is cut out in the plant on commercial saws, using tables, patterns, jigs to obtain better, exact cuts.

What about permits?

We’ll discuss permits with the customer, some counties are more lenient than others.

Do you sell kits?

Yes! Doors are made, rafters are made and the material is pre-cut.

What all do I receive when ordering a barn?

You’ll receive a folder with the following:

– Work order that has the complete details of your barn.

– Certificates of Liability Insurance on the contractors (refer to are the contractors licensed and insured).

– Detailed painting and caulking instructions sheet along with a Sherwin Williams coupon for Better Built Barns customers.

– Procedure sheet (what to expect before the builders come out)

– 5/50 year warranty sheet

What about painting and caulking?

The builders paint upon request. We also recommend a painter who has been painting our barns for over 10 years. You will also receive a front and back painting and caulking instruction sheet that goes into detail, along with a Sherwin Williams coupon for Better Built Barns. Remember the painting and caulking is the life of your barn. As the years go by check for cracks, gaps, and splits in the caulking and fill it in when needed. If not water will sit seep in and rot the wood.

Do you build ramps?

The builders build all treated ramps to custom fit the barn and slope upon request.

Do you move barns?

Yes, call our office for more information.

Do you do repairs?

The independent contractors do repairs on storm damage and older barns. Call our office for more information.

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