We typically are booked 1- 2 months out. That is scheduling multiple barns a day all of which are built on the customer’s property Monday-Friday and majority of the barns are completed by the builders in one day. We stay busy for a reason!

Due to these dealers antics we have had to change the way we put our customers on our schedule.
Two dealers in particular who sell the same brand under different names (a man who sells on the East side of Evansville and a woman who sells in Newburgh near Starbucks) have stopped into our office acting as customers, called us acting as customers, sent people into our office and have people call us trying to waste our time and also having us put names on our build schedule in hopes future actual customers don’t order because our schedule is booked (we are always booked, we’ve always stayed busy but they have tried to eat up space on our schedule).
Due to this issue we now only put customers on our schedule once they come in and write up a work order and pay that day. (The check still ins’t deposited until the Thursday the week before the build. The check during the meantime stays stapled to the work order in our safe).
Rather than these two particular dealers focusing on their customers and trying to grow their business they instead spend their days trying to come up with new ways to waste our time, copy videos we did in early of 2019 (such as a vehicle being parked on the floor of a shed) and copy phrasing we use for advertising and even so far as sitting in our parking lot on days we are swamped in the office with customers and telling customers outside our office on our parking lot to visit the sheds down the road (his lot).. Customers should be your foremost interest, not spending time copying your competition and coming up with new ways to waste your competitors time.

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