Terry keeps his pricing as low as possible.

Our barns on average are an instant savings of $400 – $675 when you purchase through us vs a dealer!! Plus additional hundreds of dollars in savings if you compare having a dealer building on site! When you purchase through us the builder always does the leveling and our barns are always built on site! Terry even has an engineer’s stamp on his barns! We aren’t just less expensive, we are also better built! He has many custom features he created that you will not see anywhere else that adds to the strength of our barns! Our barns are structurally sound and engineer approved!

All our barns are built with L.P Siding (vinyl available and is wrapped over the L.P Siding). You will notice dealers offer different price range vs the material they use. Their metal sheds being the least and their L.P. / Vinyl being the highest (their vinyl isn’t wrapped over L.P. Siding). Even their lowest cost material of metal is more expensive than our L.P Siding. Our L.P. on average is $400 less than their metal and our L.P. is $675 on average less expensive than their L.P. Also you’ll notice that they either offer 10’ tall or 11’6 (exterior height) because that is the limit of height when hauling due to power lines. Our 10’ wide barns are as tall as 12’tall inside space peak to floor, Our 12’wide barns are as tall as 14’ tall peak to floor inside space and out 16’ wide barns are as tall as 17’ tall peak to floor inside space! It pays to shop around!

Also with the L.P. Siding an interlocking strip is required for the 5/50 year manufacturer’s warranty. You will notice others put a board at the top of the barn where the two panels meet at. Using a board instead of the interlocking strip automatically voids the 5/50 year warranty through the L.P. Siding manufacturer!

We are less expensive than every dealer! Since we are the only manufacturer in the Tri-State area you’re not paying for the cost of a “middle man” selling someone else’s barn. When you do business with us, you’re doing business straight from the source! Since we are located here along with our shop here (our shop is behind our office on 4415 East Morgan Avenue, Evansville Indiana) we go by local building codes and ordinances!

You’ll notice dealers come and go or stop selling one brand and sell another. We get lots of calls from customers who bought barns from dealers needing assistance after the barn has been built or even years down the road because the dealer they bought from has picked up and left or because they sell and drop off. You’ll even notice different dealers under different names selling/hauling the same company in.

Visit the Tri-State’s #1 Back Yard Builders to see before you buy and come into our office to discuss your storage needs! We are located at 4415 East Morgan Avenue Evansville, IN (next door to Tom Howard’s Golf Store and catty corner from Show Place Cinemas East Movie Theater).

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